Tips for Employers

How to make the most of gigr and find the staff you want

Communication, communication, communication!

You can find permanent staff or cover one-off shifts through the gigr platform.

When posting a gig or permanent job, be sure to complete the post in as much detail as possible. Leaving empty fields may mean the matching process is not as effective.

All the job seekers who are notified will match the requirements specified in your post. They see the details of your post and can Decline or Apply. One lucky gigr is able to pay to BOOST their application to the top of your dashboard. You simply choose an applicant and reveal their contact details. Post, match, reveal. Easy.

Once you have their contact details, you are free to call or message them.

The better your communication with your gigr and the more information you provide, the greater the chance of a successful hire.


After every one-off gig, you will be asked to rate your gigr. If you are pleased with their work and you feel they met or exceeded expectations, then tell them and rate them so.

The gigr platform is designed to provide you with staff precisely matching your requirements in a cost-effective way. A slick and effective process relies on good communication between users. For example, if your requirements are last minute, work with the gigrs to manage these time constraints in a way that is satisfactory for all.

If a gigr is late, or performs poorly, then where possible, discuss these shortcomings with them; only rate a gigr negatively if you really feel they deserve it. If a gigr doesn’t turn up at all, without any explanation, they risk being removed from the gigr platform altogether.

If you have a dispute that cannot be resolved through communicating directly with your gigr, then please contact our Resolution Centre at

Be a great communicator.

Your gigr will be able to do their job so much more effectively and efficiently if they have all the information they need.

Tips for Job Seekers

How to succeed on gigr

Getting Started

You can find permanent work or cover one-off shifts through the gigr platform.

Create an engaging profile detailing your skills, qualifications and any relevant experience. While the profile photo is optional, we strongly recommend you upload these, as employers love them!

Photos should be smiley and friendly (not too serious or stuffy). You might want to use an avatar.

Big up yourself!

  • There are tick boxes and fields to complete, but there is also a blank box, where you can describe (in a few words) specific experience/jobs, qualifications etc, that will catch the attention of potential employers.

Ratings work

  • If you have bagged a one-off gig, don't forget to rate your employer after the gig.
  • You can rate employers according to your experience but remember, they can rate you back, so take time to rate them accurately and fairly.
  • A good rating can double your chances of receiving gig offers.
  • If you feel the gig was not as described or that you were asked to perform roles that were inappropriate or unreasonable, then, ideally, talk to your employer, rather than just walk away and give a negative rating.
  • If you have a dispute that cannot be resolved through communicating directly with your employer, then please contact our Resolution Centre at

Cancelling a gig

  • We totally understand that you may need to cancel a gig, after all, for gigrs, life isn’t all about work. However, be respectful and give as much notice as possible. Remember, as in all relationships, communication is the key!
  • Giving plenty of notice means your rating shouldn’t be affected.
  • Please note that gigrs who are dishonest about their job history, or who cancel gigs without warning will be removed from the gigr platform.

Read the details of the job carefully before accepting, as employers are paying to reveal your contact details once you’ve applied

  • Pulling out or taking on a gig you’re not suitable for creates bad feeling and ultimately could get you removed from the gigr platform.
  • Arrive on time. In fact, arrive early! It’s great practice and delivers a really positive message to your employer if you arrive a few minutes early. You can then prepare yourself, take instructions and hit the ground running.
  • Be a great communicator – ask questions, no matter how ‘silly’.
  • Respond to messages in a timely manner.
  • Be proactive.
  • Remember the BOOST option is there for first responders.
  • Ask if you’re unsure and show initiative. When working a gig, if you can see something that needs doing, get stuck in, even if you haven’t been specifically asked to do it.