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Frequently asked questions

A gig is a short-term one-off job. A business owner can post one-off gigs or longer term, permanent jobs. There are job seekers on gigr looking for both types of employment.

Once your personal and job profiles are complete and saved, when a job is posted matching your profile you will receive a notification and can apply in one click.

gigrs get paid whatever the employer posting the job decides. However, we don’t allow hourly rated jobs to be posted that fall below the minimum wage. We demand complete transparency in what is being offered by employers, but it is also up to you to ask the right questions before you fully commit to anything.

Using the platform is currently free. People looking for work can register, create a profile, receive notifications of work and apply for and accept jobs, all at no cost. However, there are optional extra services on the platform which gigrs may be charged for, such as the BOOST feature (see below).

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