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Frequently asked questions

A gig is a short-term one-off job. A business owner can post one-off gigs or longer term, permanent jobs. There are job seekers on gigr looking for both types of employment.

Go to and create a profile. Once your profile is complete (this takes just a few minutes) you can start posting jobs. Go to the Post a Gig button on your Dashboard and complete the form in as much detail as possible.

As soon as your profile is complete and saved, you can post a job.

Setting up your profile and posting jobs is free. Only people matching the details in your gig post (be as specific as possible!) will receive notifications. Then, knowing all the applicants match your requirements, you simply pay to reveal their contact details and email or call them as you choose. Each ‘REVEAL’ costs just £3.95. Because our system matches gigrs precisely with your requirements, most employers find their ideal gigr on the first reveal. Want more (and cheaper!) REVEALS? Get a monthly subscription and, for a limited time, get 20 REVEALS for £20. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Unused REVEALS do not carry over to the following month.

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What does it cost to find staff?

(Short answer? As little as £2)

Enjoy 3 FREE reveals when you register.

Unlimited number of job postings.

Only connect to people matching your requirements.

Receive unlimited applications from available people matching your requirements.

Pay As You Go

Perfect for the occasional hire

Pay to REVEAL matching applicants' full profiles and contact details.


Single Reveal

Simply pay £7.95 each time you REVEAL a matching applicant's profile and contact details.

10 Reveal Pack

Buy a pack of 10 Reveals for £49.95, and REVEAL 10 matching applicants' profile and contact details.

Pay Monthly

Ideal if you need staff regularly

Subscribe to gigr and REVEAL matching applicants' full profiles and contact details.


10 Reveals Monthly for £29.95


25 Reveals Monthly for £64.95


50 Reveals Monthly for £99

Cancel your subscription at any time.

Unused Reveals roll over.

*Not enough reveals? Email us for a tailor-made subscription package.

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