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What is your biggest weakness?

I've never liked to answer "what are your weaknesses?" in an interview

Don't be thrown by awkward questions.

Don't be thrown by awkward questions.

Is the interviewer trying to jeopardise my chances of getting the job?

Why do interviewers bother to ask it at all😒? What's the motive behind the question?

Well, the motive is to see if you're self-aware. How well do you know yourself and have you been able to work on your weaknesses?

It can be a trap if you don't answer it well.

How do you avoid sabotaging yourself?

💡Know the job description and the qualifications required to perform well on the job.

If you know the competencies you need to have, don't unknowingly mention something that contradicts that.

💡Avoid mentioning personal traits, it's not necessary.

Now that you've mentioned the weaknesses, what comes next?

💡Don't stop there, talk about how you've worked on your weakness, and corroborate your claim with an anecdote.

You should avoid:

❌ Using a personality feature that's hard to change - perfectionism, overthinking, neuroticism...

❌ Anything too cheesy or inauthentic - that you work too hard, or don't have any weaknesses (we all do!)

❌ Something that's a deal breaker for the role. A retail worker that doesn't like dealing with people? No thanks.

Instead, you should:

✅ Choose a skills-based example (that's not a deal breaker for the role).

✅ Explain why it's a problem, why it's important to change, and what you've been doing about it.

👉 This way, you'll come across as genuine, self-aware, and someone who is always seeking to improve.

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