Get busy!

I am in no doubt that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, especially with the world as it is at the moment, we need to be proactive; more proactive than possibly we have ever been in the past.

The pandemic inspired many of us to consider every aspect of our lives, and now the war in Ukraine has compounded pretty much everything we have been feeling. I am always looking for the positive, and probably the most positive thing I have heard is around people 'paring back' their lives; that is, leaving out or removing those things that are not essential to our existence and wellbeing. Our focus has narrowed. Having enough money will always be a priority, naturally, but we are focusing more on how we earn it and, even more importantly, on how much time it allows us to do the things we really enjoy - time with family, hobbies, getting outdoors.

Upskill to give your self the edge, and keep things fresh.

Upskill to give your self the edge, and keep things fresh.

The workplace, from hi-tech industry, to the local coffee shop, is changing rapidly, and with this in mind, more people are looking at upskilling. Upskilling is rarely about getting a degree or qualification necessarily, or learning a new trade, but more often about developing and enhancing the skills we already have. In this way, you can not only keep things fresh and interesting for yourself, but you can give yourself a leading advantage over those around you.

Around 40% of the workforce fears that their jobs are at risk to automation. While this may not be entirely true in many cases, it does highlight the fact that the skills required for certain jobs are changing.

Upskilling can include hard skills, like how to use certain software, or maybe basic graphic design, and soft skills like honing your listening skills, or getting better at giving constructive feedback. It can be anything that helps you do your job a little bit better.

In summary, we shouldn't take anything for granted in the world of work. We need to focus on 'filling the gaps' in our skillset, so that we futureproof ourselves, ensuring we are indispensable. Of course, all of this is so that we can make the most of our time spent not working.

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