Iain Robertson - Founder, gigr

Paddleboarding is my passion.

After running my own business for a number of years, I fell into an office job.

I quickly grasped 3 stark facts:

  • How valuable having flexibility in my working day was
  • How inefficient and stifling the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work model is
  • I wasn’t going to be doing much paddleboarding

I knew I needed something different, the routine was killing me. I started taking one-off jobs, or gigs, in bars, in offices, couriering - I was still working but I was doing it on my terms, when and where I wanted. I had joined the as-and-when workforce, the Gig Economy. The biggest challenge was finding the gigs. I knew they were out there, but I had to trawl the internet, sometimes for hours, to find exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. It seemed crazy, in a world of smartphone technology it should be at my fingertips!

Enter, gigr

gigr is live and matching people with jobs across the UK. It’s quick and easy to register, just build your job profile and start receiving notifications of work matching your search criteria.

For businesses it’s even easier - register, post jobs and automatically connect with people matching your search criteria.

What are you waiting for? Join gigr today.

Iain Robertson - Founder, gigr.